About La Leyenda

Orquesta La Leyenda is the creation of D.C.-born saxophonist and flutist, Ted David, who started playing and fell in love with traditional Latin music in the early 1990s.  Subsequently, Ted began collecting recordings of the great artists from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, and from the classic New York years, to understand this music and its roots.  He considers himself an avid student of the music and its history, especially the music of Cuba and the early years in New York.  Ted has played with Merengue-Cumbia bands Ramón Lara y sus Profesionales and Zafiro, and with salsa bands Zeniza, Peligro, Grupo Latino Continentál and Melao.  He has shared the stage with Celia Cruz, Willie Colón, Joe Arroyo, Oscar D'Leon, Grupo Niche, José Alberto 'El Canario' and others.  He is a respected arranger who writes arrangements for Latin bands locally and nationally.

In 2000, Ted began writing for a new band, La Leyenda which now has over 200 songs in its repertoire, ranging from Salsa and Merengue, to Mambos, Rumba, Boleros, Cha Cha Chá, and Latin jazz.  La Leyenda's repertoire includes selections from the legends of Latin music: (Our Repertoire)

The music of La Leyenda brings back the best in classic Latin dance music and Latin jazz.  The original concept for the group was the big band Orquesta La Leyenda specializing in the music of the Palladium era; this group has no equal in the D.C. area.  In addition to this format, Ted has expanded the concept to include two smaller groups: a seven-piece  combo that specializes in Latin jazz and a  ten-piece Salsa band whose forté is Salsa, Merengue and Cumbia.  Each of the groups has repertoire targeted to specific clients and types of event. (Our Bands)

Add to this our excellent musicians (Our Bios) and it quickly becomes obvious that there are few bands like La Leyenda who authentically recreate the legendary songs of those great years when Latin music first came to the attention of audiences globally, with rhythms irresistible to dancers, and music exciting to listen to.